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Slam Dunk – NBA becomes the market leader for crypto trading cards with Top Shot

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The NFT platform NBA Top Shot has so far made a turnover of 230 million US dollars with digital crypto trading cards.

Dapper Labs, the development team behind the blockchain game CryptoKitties , has made the American basketball league NBA the market leader in the field of crypto trading cards.

The digital “trading card game” NBA Top Shot has accordingly achieved sales of more than 230 million US dollars through the sale of so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT)

As a reminder, NF tokens are crypto coins that are designed to literally have no fungibility. Each crypto token cannot be duplicated and is unique, which is why this form of crypto currency is particularly suitable as a vehicle for digital collectibles.

NBA Top Shot is based on Dapper Labs ‚ flow blockchain , whereby users can buy digital “packages” on the platform that contain short video sequences of certain events in basketball games. Due to the uniqueness of the tokens, the buyers are literally in „possession“ of the particular game scenes.

Since most of the packs are almost sold out, a secondary market for trading the tokens has now emerged. A highlight of the superstar LeBron James was last traded here for a value of 200,000 US dollars . A spectacular move by the up-and-coming mega talent Zion Williamson went for a similar amount over the digital counter.

NFTs, which are located exclusively on blockchain networks, are revolutionizing the trading card market. The respective value of an NFT card depends on the same dynamic between supply and demand as in the normal market for trading cards. The Bitcoin Trader has additional advantages, however, because cards cannot be stolen, damaged or forged here.

The crypto company Dapper Labs is one of the market leaders in the NFT industry. The company’s flow blockchain is currently still in the beta phase , but the mainnet will start soon

The market for NFTs has quadrupled over the past year , as blockchain collectibles are getting more and more media attention. NBA Top Shot is clearly one of the market leaders. In the past hour alone , the project has generated several thousand dollars in sales.

NFTs are not only interesting for digital trading cards in the sports industry, but the art world is now also working with the technology. As Cointelegraph has reported , the Async Art platform is one of the market leaders here after the company raised $ 2 million in investment capital.

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