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Ripple vs. SEC: Judges See SEC’s Misguided Approach

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• Ripple recently concluded a two-year lawsuit against the SEC, with Judge Analisa Torres ruling in favour of Ripple and holding that the sale of XRP is not a security.
• Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton has suggested that Judges seem to perceive the SEC negatively and this could impact their appeal in the case.
• The SEC has indicated they will be filing an appeal to challenge the judgement, which means other crypto companies can use it as a precedent for their own cases.

Ripple vs. SEC: Judges’ Perception of SEC

The Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit which has been in the spotlight of the crypto industry has finally concluded after over two years. Judge Analisa Torres has ruled in favour of Ripple and held that the sale of XRP is not a security which is contrary to what the SEC has been contesting.

Other crypto companies have sought to utilise the outcome of this lawsuit as a precedent in their own cases. As a result, the SEC has hinted that it will be filing an appeal against the judgement.

John Deaton’s view on Judges‘ Attitude Towards SEC

John Deaton, the founder of Crypto Law and a Pro-XRP lawyer, has shared his thoughts on how he thinks the Judges perceive the SEC. This comes after the SEC’s recent indications of appealing Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling in the Ripple lawsuit.

In his tweet, Deaton quoted Stuart Alderoty who said that their case and decision rendered by their judge would provide comfort to other judges, suggesting that they thinkSEC is simply misguided.

Impact on Ripple Lawsuit Appeal

Deaton further points out that every judge who has dealt withtheSEC concerning matters of cryptocurrency have criticisedtheSEC’s positions, except fortheLBRY case judge. He suggests even this judge became frustrated withtheSEC’s handlingofdigital assets.

„Our case andthedecision rendered byourjudge [Torres] will provide comforttootherjudgesthat thesecisjustmisguided.“ – Stuart Alderoty

Reception from Other Crypto Companies

< p >As mentioned earlier , many other crypto companies are looking forward to utilising this decision asa precedent for their own cases . This could mean more favourable rulings for them when tryingtocontestthesecuritieslawsuit .

< h2 >Conclusion < p >It remains unclear atthispoint what effectthiscase ’ sresultwillhaveonothercryptocompanies . However , ifthesedecisionscontinue tonotfavourthesecuritiesregulator ,itmayenduphavingtoconsideritspositionmorecarefully beforebringingaboutsuchcasesinfuture .

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