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Max Keizer: „Financial markets are like poker, Bitcoin is the best hand“

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Crypto expert Max Keizer fears that there is only one way for investors to win in the poker of the financial markets.

Crypto expert and moderator Max Keizer sees the financial markets as a kind of hi / lo poker game, a variant of poker in which both the highest and the lowest hand wins, but in which only one of the two ways to win is open to investors

„If you are not one of the countries that can create money by devaluing your own national currency and being rewarded for it by the stock markets by selling these currencies in the form of government bonds with negative interest rates, you actually only have one choice.“ as Keizer first stated in his Keizer Report program on October 15 . And further:

“You can only try to win with the high hand, that means over gold, silver and Bitcoin. You cannot win the low hand if you are not a country of your own or an influential investment bank. These are the rules these days. “

At the end of a wild year in which the American government “ printed ” large amounts of money to cushion the economic turmoil of the Corona crisis, more and more experts advise investing in financial products instead of storing assets in the form of local currencies.

„Allegedly all countries are trying to fight inflation in the currency market, but we know that this is a lie,“ Keizer explains.

He adds:

“In truth, they are trying to devalue their currencies in order to boost their own exports at the expense of others at the poker table. This is world politics. The only question is which national currency will be the most damaged. „

According to Keizer, only governments and banks with the „low hand“ can win. The small investors, however, still have the „high hand“ that they can play in his opinion by investing in gold, silver and Bitcoin ( BTC ). Indeed, many investors already see this trio as a hedge against inflation and an uncertain economic climate.

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