Slam Dunk – NBA becomes the market leader for crypto trading cards with Top Shot

The NFT platform NBA Top Shot has so far made a turnover of 230 million US dollars with digital crypto trading cards.

Dapper Labs, the development team behind the blockchain game CryptoKitties , has made the American basketball league NBA the market leader in the field of crypto trading cards.

The digital “trading card game” NBA Top Shot has accordingly achieved sales of more than 230 million US dollars through the sale of so-called non-fungible tokens (NFT)

As a reminder, NF tokens are crypto coins that are designed to literally have no fungibility. Each crypto token cannot be duplicated and is unique, which is why this form of crypto currency is particularly suitable as a vehicle for digital collectibles.

NBA Top Shot is based on Dapper Labs ‚ flow blockchain , whereby users can buy digital “packages” on the platform that contain short video sequences of certain events in basketball games. Due to the uniqueness of the tokens, the buyers are literally in „possession“ of the particular game scenes.

Since most of the packs are almost sold out, a secondary market for trading the tokens has now emerged. A highlight of the superstar LeBron James was last traded here for a value of 200,000 US dollars . A spectacular move by the up-and-coming mega talent Zion Williamson went for a similar amount over the digital counter.

NFTs, which are located exclusively on blockchain networks, are revolutionizing the trading card market. The respective value of an NFT card depends on the same dynamic between supply and demand as in the normal market for trading cards. The Bitcoin Trader has additional advantages, however, because cards cannot be stolen, damaged or forged here.

The crypto company Dapper Labs is one of the market leaders in the NFT industry. The company’s flow blockchain is currently still in the beta phase , but the mainnet will start soon

The market for NFTs has quadrupled over the past year , as blockchain collectibles are getting more and more media attention. NBA Top Shot is clearly one of the market leaders. In the past hour alone , the project has generated several thousand dollars in sales.

NFTs are not only interesting for digital trading cards in the sports industry, but the art world is now also working with the technology. As Cointelegraph has reported , the Async Art platform is one of the market leaders here after the company raised $ 2 million in investment capital.

El bitcoin necesita una normativa clara para ser menos volátil, según un analista de Bridgewater

El Bitcoin se volverá más estable y líquido cuando haya seguridad regulatoria, según el director de investigación de inversiones de Bridgewater.

La regulación podría convertir al Bitcoin

Un analista senior de la firma de gestión de activos Bridgewater cree que la regulación podría convertir al Bitcoin (BTC) en un buen activo para los inversores institucionales.

La directora de investigación de inversiones de Bridgewater, Rebecca Patterson, afirmó que la certidumbre regulatoria en torno al Bitcoin resolvería algunos de los mayores problemas de la criptomoneda asociados a la alta volatilidad y la baja liquidez.

En una entrevista del 24 de febrero con Bloomberg, Patterson dijo que cuestiones como la volatilidad y la liquidez siguen siendo los principales obstáculos para la posible entrada de Bridgewater en Bitcoin.

„En este momento, el Bitcoin puede moverse un 10% en un tweet, lo que no es exactamente un depósito de riqueza para la mayoría de los inversores institucionales. Así que la volatilidad de Bitcoin es unas 10 veces mayor que la del dólar, y sigue siendo el doble que la del bolívar venezolano“, dijo el ejecutivo.

Los problemas de liquidez disminuirían si Bitcoin

Patterson continuó diciendo que tanto el problema de la volatilidad como los problemas de liquidez disminuirían si Bitcoin se convierte en un activo mejor regulado:

„Cuanto más se desarrolle un ecosistema regulatorio real en torno a Bitcoin y otras monedas, más se sentirán cómodos otros tipos de inversores, lo que aportará liquidez y reducirá la volatilidad“.

„Así que supongo que si hubiera una cosa que observara primero, sería ver una mayor certeza regulatoria“, dijo Patterson, y agregó: „No estoy seguro de cuándo va a llegar eso en los Estados Unidos“.

Patterson también dijo que no ve el Bitcoin como una „moneda alternativa“, sino como oro digital. „En todo caso, es una alternativa al oro o al oro digital. Creo que esa sería la mejor comparación“, dijo. Patterson dijo que muchos inversores se han fijado en el Bitcoin ante la preocupación por la inflación provocada por la impresión de dinero de los bancos centrales. Sin embargo, para Bridgewater, Bitcoin todavía tiene que demostrar su condición de oro digital:

„Como inversores institucionales, aún no sabemos si va a ser oro digital, puede que lo sea con el tiempo, pero no creo que podamos decirlo con confianza todavía. Y eso afecta a si nuestro cliente debe poseerlo o no“.

Dogecoin on $ 1? Reddit turns to DOGE after GameStop development

Dogecoin on $ 1? Reddit turns to DOGE after GameStop development
Dogecoin might take a while to get to $ 1, but the stock market certainly doesn’t want to challenge the power of r / Wallstreetbets.

Dogecoin ( DOGE ) is up 80 percent in a day and the trading volume is up more than 800 percent. The altcoin got some publicity again

Data from Cointelegraph Markets , CoinMarketCap and Bitcoin Up indicate that there was a shift in the DOGE ecosystem overnight on Jan. 27, with the DOGE / USD pair hitting $ 0.0138.

Within a few hours, the pair rose over 80 percent on Thursday. Then it went back and was able to hold on to the support of 1 cent until the editorial deadline.

The increases were accompanied by a similar surge in social media interest: Twitter activity increased by more than 300 percent. The source, it seems, is the same Reddit group that sparked a dramatic but highly controversial bull run in the share price of US games company GameStop.

A parody Twitter account posing as a moderator for r / Wallstreetbets asked :

„Has Doge ever been to a dollar?“

As a result, the hashtags #dogecoin and # dogecointo1dollar have become more and more popular among US users. This is a long-cherished dream among altcoin investors.

Dogecoin course does the same with GameStop

Dogecoin already has something in common with $ GME: both have been mentioned in tweets from Tesla CEO and the world’s richest man Elon Musk over the past few weeks. As Cointelegraph reported , it was enough that Musk supported the DOGE-Coin with a wink to trigger serious price movements

On Reddit , users secretly tried to call to invest in the meme altcoin. Corresponding contributions will be removed by the moderators of r / Wallstreetbets.

The fear of the consequences of the GameStop development is increasing. However, cryptocurrency proponents argue that Reddit users who join forces to outsmart unprepared institutions are simply playing by the rules of capitalism.

„I know that this GameStop thing is funny, but you must remember that the real people hurt that several boats have“ added Kevin Farzad, a member of the music group Sure Sure, added .

$ GME was up 200 percent on Wednesday. The stock later fell around 15 percent from its peak. Overall, the stock has risen 1,600 percent since January 12th.

NFL-spiller modtager $ 6,5 millioner løn i Bitcoin

Russell Okung krævede lønudbetaling gennem Bitcoin i 2019 og modtog endelig halvdelen af ​​sine 13 millioner dollars i BTC.

Russell Okung, der spiller for Carolina Panthers i American National Football League (NFL), meddelte, at han endelig har modtaget 50% af sine årlige honorarer på $ 13 millioner i Bitcoin.

Okung blev den første spiller i NFL, der fik betalt i Bitcoin

Ifølge den officielle meddelelse konverterede Okung $ 6,5 millioner af sin NFL løn til Bitcoin Trader gennem BTC-betalingsstart Zap. Okung har været en stor tilhænger af digital valuta, da han tweetede i maj 2019, at han ønskede at blive betalt med verdens største kryptokurrency.

NFL-spilleren svarede på sin egen tweet i går og meddelte, at han endelig har modtaget betaling i Bitcoin. Okung kritiserede den amerikanske dollar og rejste bekymring over stigende inflation.

”Når vi alle får betalt i Bitcoin, kan ingen fortælle os, hvad vi skal gøre med den værdi, vi skaber. Hvis du tror, ​​at valg er rigget, skal du vente, indtil du lærer om den amerikanske dollar. Du kan lave ‚x‘ om året og se det langsomt udhules med inflation, eller du kan beskytte dine hårdt tjente penge med Bitcoin, ”nævnte Okung på Twitter.

Bitcoin i sport

NFL klarede, at ligaen ikke betalte Okung direkte i Bitcoin, og han konverterede sin årsløn til BTC gennem en opstart. På trods af grunden til, at American League ikke forfølger betalinger direkte gennem Bitcoin, har verdens største kryptokurrency vundet enorm popularitet blandt atleter rundt om i verden. Jack Mallers, grundlægger af Zap, fortalte i et interview til Coindesk, at atleter fra National Basketball Association (NBA) og i Major League Baseball (MLB) er i diskussioner for at komme ind i programmet.

Prisen på Bitcoin er steget mere end 8% i løbet af de sidste 24 timer og nåede $ 28.500. Verdens største kryptokurrency fik en betydelig værdi i december og sprang fra $ 19.000 til $ 28.000 på mindre end 4 uger. Den samlede markedsværdi for kryptokurver er nu over $ 750 milliarder, da BTC-dominans krydsede 70%, hvilket er det højeste niveau i uger.

Bitcoin in the air: hashtag dominates trending topics on Twitter

Bitcoin’s price surpassed 20 and 21 thousand dollars in one day. Community vibrated with high meteoric.

The Bitcoin is still high this Wednesday (16), already surpassing 21 thousand dollars. With the strong movement, Bitcoin’s special hashtag on Twitter dominated the trending topics of Twitter.

The Twitter metric highlights the most commented subjects by the internauts in the famous social network. According to the Trends24 tool, the strong movement of Internet users was seen in many countries.

When Bitcoin broke the U$ 20 thousand for the first time, for example, the currency dominated Twitter for three hours straight. In some countries, such as Brazil, Bitcoin was not the most commented subject, according to data from the tool.

But in Venezuela, Argentina and even the United States, Bitcoin spent good hours in the spotlight.

With Bitcoin’s price on the rise, Bitcoin’s hashtag dominated the interest of Twitter internet users

The price of Bitcoin dominated the headlines of the world this Wednesday, with traditional newspapers reflecting the currency’s rise. For the first time in the history of Bitcoin, the price exceeded U$ 20 thousand.

However, this was only the beginning of the intraday bull race. That’s because, the price of Bitcoin reached U$ 21560 in the broker Binance. At Bitfinex, the price was in the range of U$ 21400.

Considering the closing price of Bitcoin on the day trade at 00:00 UTC (in Brazil it’s 21 hours), this is the biggest day of digital currency. Bitcoin has never been „in these lands“ and everything from U$ 20 thousand is new in terms of price discovery.

Anyway, the community resonated and even made a digital party with the movement. Part of this party was seen by fintwit, a Twitter space dedicated to the debate of the world’s financial affairs.

All over the world, Bitcoin’s dominance of the social network was seen mainly in the middle of the morning. According to the tool Trends24 then, Bitcoin remained for three hours dominating the Twitter world, being the most commented subject on the Internet today.

The movement of internet users in the United States was similar to the world. In Argentina, a South American country that saw the adoption of cryptomorphs grow, the movement also ended up being the same.

But the one that took the gold medal in keeping Bitcoin for the longest time in the discussions was Venezuela. A country that suffers intensely from the inflation of local money and difficulty of access to financial services, it saw its population hold Bitcoin among the most talked about subjects for almost five hours straight.

In Brazil, however, unfortunately Bitcoin was not the most talked about subject at any time. According to Trends24, the subjects highlighted were „Zé Gotinha“, „Anitta“ and „#Eunãovoutomarvacina“.

Tether new record with $ 20 billion in market capitalization

Tether (USDT) reached a new market cap of over $ 20 billion.

The USDT is now the fourth largest crypto in terms of market capitalization.

A year ago, the market cap of the USDT was less than $ 4 billion

The USDT is now the fourth largest crypto by market cap. The news was announced in a tweet from the company.

At the time of this writing, Tether had a market cap of just over $ 20.03 billion. That’s a drop of about $ 10 million from its peak, according to CoinMarketCap .

Tether has just surpassed a $20B market capitalization!

This fantastic milestone once again confirms that Bitcoin Up maintains its number one spot as the most liquid, stable and reliable currency!

Stablecoin at full speed
Tether’s market capitalization has grown throughout the year. The pace of this increase is also accelerating. It took almost six months, from mid-December of last year to mid-May of this year, to double its capitalization, from around $ 4 billion to over $ 8 billion.

The next jump, to over $ 13 billion, came in early September. Tether has seen about half of its surge come in the past four months.

A DeFi-nitive interest in Tether

Much of the increase in Tether’s market capitalization is likely due to the interest in decentralized finance (DeFi). When it hit $ 15 billion in mid-September, BeInCrypto indicated that DeFi projects were behind much of the rise.

Aave, Compound and Solana were highlighted as the main drivers of interest in USDT. Users tend to use stablecoins such as Tether in DeFi projects due to the lack of volatility.

It can also recover misdirected funds under certain circumstances. So when the DeFi market grows, the need for USDT increases accordingly.

According to DeFi Pulse, as of mid-August, the total stranded value (TVL) in DeFi projects stood at nearly $ 6.3 billion. Currently , the same indicator stands at $ 15.82 billion.

Tether’s journey

There are a few stones in the path of Tether’s growth, however. In August, Tether showed courage by returning a million dollars to a user.

The user accidentally transferred the amount, but the company was able to blacklist the addresses to which the tokens were sent and fix the issue. What some hailed as a wonderful act has also taken a menacing turn.

Members of the crypto community who oppose the checks and balances saw this move as a problem. From their perspective, there’s nothing to stop a government from forcing Tether to do the same against its enemies.

The government is characterized differently in Tether’s other potential threat. The ongoing case in New York state over the company’s lack of financial disclosure has cast a palpable veil over sentiment. The lack of disclosure itself is also of concern.

Despite the disclosure and control issues, Tether’s market capitalization continues to rise. Next stop, $ 25 billion?

Bitcoin vender tilbake til $ 18.000 når investorer er blandet over hva som er neste for bull run

Bitcoin viser endelig litt styrke etter en brutal korreksjon til $ 16.200 tidligere denne uken.

Den ledende kryptovalutaen har spratt til $ 18.000 i skrivende stund, rundt 11 prosent over de lokale lavpunktene.

Mynten forventes å se små gevinster før den ukentlige avslutningen, selv om analytikere er delt over hva som er neste for Bitcoin fra et ukentlig perspektiv.

Bitcoin bjørn saken

Den nåværende bjørnesaken henger stort sett i det faktum at i tidligere oksemarkeder korrigerte BTC regelmessig med 30 prosent, og deretter flyttet til nye heltidspunkter. Bitcoin som faller 30 prosent fra de nylige toppene, vil bety et fall til $ 14.000-regionen. BTC har ikke nådd det prispunktet ennå som vi vet.

„Bitcoin Jack,“ en pseudonym cryptocurrency-forhandler som spådde flyttingen til $ 18 000 for mange uker siden, delte nylig dette diagrammet. IT viser at BTC kan være i ferd med å bryte under et sentralt teknisk kjegle / kilemønster. Han sa tidligere at han ønsker å åpne korte posisjoner på Bitcoin.

Jack kalte også Bitcoins overgang til $ 10.000 da mynten bunnet i mars.

Dette ble ekko av en annen historisk nøyaktig handelsmann som argumenterte for at Bitcoin kunne komme tilbake til $ 15 000 før de flyttet høyere igjen.

Ki Young Ju, administrerende direktør i CryptoQuant, bemerket også at det er data fra kjeden som antyder at markedet vil møte en korreksjon eller i det minste en viss konsolidering. Med henvisning til hvordan det sannsynligvis kommer til å bli redusert Bitcoin-kjøpetrykk på grunn av mangel på stabile valutainnskudd, sa han:

“$ BTC vil gå sidelengs eller bearish på kort sikt tror jeg. 1 / Antallet #stablecoin-brukerinnskudd på alle børser avtar. Jeg tror kjøpepresset er for svakt til å bryte $ 20k for øyeblikket. ”

$ BTC vil gå sidelengs eller bearish på kort sikt tror jeg.

1 / Antallet #stablecoin-brukerinnskudd på alle børser avtar. Jeg tror kjøpepresset er for svakt til å bryte $ 20k for øyeblikket.

Det er noen okser, skjønt. Oksesaken henger tilsynelatende på to ting: 1) konsistent institusjonelt kjøpepress, og 2) det faktum at finansieringsrentene på Bitcoin futures-markeder har blitt tilbakestilt etter krasj.
Langsiktig opptrend intakt

Det som er viktig er at selv kortsiktige bjørner er langsiktige okser. Det vil si at mange forventer at en korreksjon bare vil være en liten del av et større oksemarked.

Som rapportert av CryptoSlate tidligere, viser trender i kjeden at det skjer en stor mengde institusjonell akkumulering av Bitcoin. Lucas Nuzzi, analytiker ved Coin Metrics, sa om saken:

„Flere utsalgssteder har rapportert at kinesiske gruvearbeidere ikke har klart å selge sin BTC i november på grunn av et reguleringsmessig tiltak. Som jeg har dekket tidligere, er det ingen bevis på dette. Faktisk ser det ut til at det motsatte skjer: BTC holdt av Miners er nede i november. “

Den generelle følelsen ser ut til å være bullish da den amerikanske dollaren fortsetter å falle mot utenlandsk valuta.
Bitcoin vender tilbake til $ 18.000 når investorer er blandet over hva som er neste for bull run

  • Bitcoin
  • 30. nov kl. 01:51 UTC
  • $ 18,368.38
  • 4,19%

Bitcoin, som for tiden er rangert som nr. 1 etter markedsverdi, har økt 4,19% det siste døgnet. BTC har en markedsverdi på $ 340,88B med et døgnvolum på $ 32,73B.

EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BRN/USD e BTC/USD 29 ottobre Punti d’ingresso in diretta

I nostri segnali di trading gratuiti del 29 ottobre per EUR/USD, GBP/USD, BRN/USD e BTC/USD includono le seguenti prospettive tecniche:

Segnale di trading EURUSD del 29 ottobre

EUR/USD ha rotto al di sotto della resistenza dinamica sotto forma di 200 Moving Average (linea blu scuro). Dal punto di vista tecnico, la coppia rimane al di sotto sia della media mobile 50 (linea rossa) che della media mobile 200 (linea blu scuro), che è un segnale della tendenza ribassista. Sto cercando ordini di vendita al di sotto della resistenza dinamica sotto forma di 200 Moving Average. Scorro verso il basso per vedere i dettagli del segnale con il mio SL, TP e i livelli di entrata per EUR/USD.

29 ottobre Segnale di trading GBPUSD

GBP/USD ha rotto al di sotto dello stretto intervallo (1,2990-1,3120), che ha tenuto la coppia all’interno per gli ultimi 3 giorni. Dal punto di vista tecnico, la coppia rimane al di sotto sia della media mobile 50 (linea rossa) che della media mobile 200 (linea blu scuro), che è un segnale del trend ribassista. Al momento sono alla ricerca di ordini di vendita. Scorro verso il basso per vedere i dettagli del segnale con il mio SL, TP e i livelli di entrata per GBP/USD.

29 ottobre Segnale di trading BRNUSD

BRN/USD ha superato il livello 40 mercoledì. Dal punto di vista tecnico, BRN/USD rimane al di sotto sia della media mobile 50 (linea rossa) che della media mobile 200 (linea blu scuro), che è un segnale della tendenza ribassista. Al momento sono alla ricerca di ordini di vendita. Scorro verso il basso per vedere i dettagli del segnale con la mia SL, TP e i livelli di entrata per BRN/USD.

29 ottobre segnale di trading BTCUSD

La BTC/USD ha superato il livello 13500 martedì. Dal punto di vista tecnico, Bitcoin Revolution rimane al di sotto di 50 Media mobile (linea rossa), ma al di sopra di 200 Media mobile (linea blu scuro), il che è un segno di incertezza. Al momento sono alla ricerca di ordini di acquisto. Scorro verso il basso per vedere i dettagli del segnale con il mio SL, TP, e i livelli di ingresso per BTC/USD.

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Toyota: IT branch works with crypto exchange on pilot project with digital tokens

More and more companies from the automotive industry are experimenting with crypto.

Toyota system, the IT branch of Toyota Motor Corporation, is working with the Japanese stock market cryptocurrency DeCurret together on a digital Toyota currency, an official release on 26 October.

2,500 Toyota Systems employees are involved in the large-scale pilot project. The platform will offer payments in digital currency for services

According to the announcement, participating employees will be able to exchange the digital currency for benefit points or gifts from a catalog. Toyota Systems stated that the digital currency cannot be converted into Japanese yen.

The new pilot uses DeCurret’s proprietary, blockchain platform for issuing and managing digital currencies. The pilot project will test the scalability of a peer-to-peer model on the blockchain as well as business scenarios related to payments to a large group of people.

Toyota has actively engaged in the blockchain industry and set up its own Toyota Blockchain Lab in March 2020

The company joined the R3 Consortium , a large industry alliance , in 2016 .

Toyota isn’t the only automaker experimenting with blockchain and crypto. At the beginning of October, BMW Korea announced that it would be the first branch of the BMW Group to carry out a blockchain token test. This is expected to complete by the end of 2020 the country introduced are. In September 2020, the luxury car manufacturer Groupe Renault launched a blockchain project aimed at promoting the conformity certification of vehicle parts .

Analytiker ser att Bitcoin tappar längre den här månaden

Många analytiker och branschexperter förutspår att Bitcoin Lifestyle sannolikt kommer att falla tillbaka i det låga $ 10.000-intervallet efter det senaste fallet på nästan $ 200.

Bitcoin fortsätter mot söder

Som det ser ut har valutan misslyckats om och om igen den här veckan för att nå 11 000 dollar. Valutan har kämpat för att nå denna topp de senaste 14 dagarna och vill upprepade gånger vackla mellan $ 10 500 och $ 10 800. Dagens nedgång till cirka 10 536 dollar är nästan 200 dollar mindre än där den stod för bara 24 timmar sedan, och tillgången står nu inför spådomar av dysterhet från även sina mest lojala följare.

Medan bitcoin fortsätter att förbli på relativt stadig mark – det rapporterades nyligen att tillgången har lyckats förbli över 10 000 dollar i mer än 60 dagar , vilket slog en tidigare rekorduppsättning 2017 – tillgången är inte där den var för bara två månader sedan , och det ser inte ut som bitcoin når denna position när som helst snart. Valutan uppvisar i viss utsträckning en upprepning av sitt beteende i slutet av 2019, där tillgången initialt steg till $ 9000-intervallet för att snabbt sjunka med cirka $ 2000.

Förra året såg bitcoin ut sina sista månaders handel för drygt 7 000 dollar. Nu är bitcoin praktiskt taget engagerad i samma typ av mönster. Valutan befann sig att handlas för så högt som $ 12 400 nyligen, men ytterligare $ 2000 droppe gömde sig i vingarna, redo att få tillbaka valutan till $ 10 000.

Frågan är om bitcoin kommer att förbli där det är eller uppvisa en nyvunnen styrka som kommer att driva tillbaka den i augusti-sortimentet. Å ena sidan har vi ungefär tre månader kvar innan 2021 kommer att ringa in. Det finns fortfarande gott om tid för att få lite magi att hända. Som vi har sett tidigare kan bitcoin vara ganska oförutsägbart, och det är inte alltid lätt att veta när det kommer att spika eller röra sig uppåt.

Kommer Bitcoin att visa samma beteende som i slutet av 2019?

Samtidigt kan detta också vara farligt genom att bitcoin ganska lätt kan drabbas ytterligare. Vi är nu inne i årets sista kvartal, vilket innebär att bitcoin potentiellt kan misslyckas med att utvisa ytterligare uthållighet och förbli exakt där det är de närmaste tre månaderna. År 2019 visade bitcoin ett löfte i november, så kanske vi får tur. Kanske kommer bitcoin att fortsätta att uppvisa samma prismönster och göra detsamma.

Vi kan dock inte glömma att de höga siffrorna i november förra året inte varade och i december sjönk valutan till totalt 7 000 dollar. De sista två månaderna verkar alltid vara tunga för BTC. År 2018 var det massiva nedgångar, medan det under 2017 var enorma vinster. Kanske borde vi bara vänta och se var ödet tar BTC de närmaste 30 dagarna.