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Bitcoin in the air: hashtag dominates trending topics on Twitter

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Bitcoin’s price surpassed 20 and 21 thousand dollars in one day. Community vibrated with high meteoric.

The Bitcoin is still high this Wednesday (16), already surpassing 21 thousand dollars. With the strong movement, Bitcoin’s special hashtag on Twitter dominated the trending topics of Twitter.

The Twitter metric highlights the most commented subjects by the internauts in the famous social network. According to the Trends24 tool, the strong movement of Internet users was seen in many countries.

When Bitcoin broke the U$ 20 thousand for the first time, for example, the currency dominated Twitter for three hours straight. In some countries, such as Brazil, Bitcoin was not the most commented subject, according to data from the tool.

But in Venezuela, Argentina and even the United States, Bitcoin spent good hours in the spotlight.

With Bitcoin’s price on the rise, Bitcoin’s hashtag dominated the interest of Twitter internet users

The price of Bitcoin dominated the headlines of the world this Wednesday, with traditional newspapers reflecting the currency’s rise. For the first time in the history of Bitcoin, the price exceeded U$ 20 thousand.

However, this was only the beginning of the intraday bull race. That’s because, the price of Bitcoin reached U$ 21560 in the broker Binance. At Bitfinex, the price was in the range of U$ 21400.

Considering the closing price of Bitcoin on the day trade at 00:00 UTC (in Brazil it’s 21 hours), this is the biggest day of digital currency. Bitcoin has never been „in these lands“ and everything from U$ 20 thousand is new in terms of price discovery.

Anyway, the community resonated and even made a digital party with the movement. Part of this party was seen by fintwit, a Twitter space dedicated to the debate of the world’s financial affairs.

All over the world, Bitcoin’s dominance of the social network was seen mainly in the middle of the morning. According to the tool Trends24 then, Bitcoin remained for three hours dominating the Twitter world, being the most commented subject on the Internet today.

The movement of internet users in the United States was similar to the world. In Argentina, a South American country that saw the adoption of cryptomorphs grow, the movement also ended up being the same.

But the one that took the gold medal in keeping Bitcoin for the longest time in the discussions was Venezuela. A country that suffers intensely from the inflation of local money and difficulty of access to financial services, it saw its population hold Bitcoin among the most talked about subjects for almost five hours straight.

In Brazil, however, unfortunately Bitcoin was not the most talked about subject at any time. According to Trends24, the subjects highlighted were „Zé Gotinha“, „Anitta“ and „#Eunãovoutomarvacina“.

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