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Become a Crypto Property Millionaire: Everlodge, Mantle, Cronos!

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• Everlodge is a holiday and property solution that uses tokenization and NFTs to fractionalize hotel and vacation home ownership.
• Mantle has just integrated with Pendle, and Cronos’ centralized exchange Crypto.com allows access to the Pendle token.
• The team underwent KYC verification and conducted an audit on the smart contract and analysts predict that the price of ELDG will increase by approximately 280% during the presale.

Everlodge: Tokenizing Real-World Assets

The current trend in web3 is tokenization of property and real-world assets (RWA). With Avalanche’s recent launch of Avalanche Vista, other projects in the tokenization space are getting a boost. One such project is Everlodge, a holiday and property solution that uses tokenization and NFTs to fractionalize hotel and vacation home ownership. This means users can buy a stake in a hotel or property for as little as $100. If the property price rises, the NFT rises in value accordingly. The native token $EDLG is now available for presale, offering holders discounts on properties & maintenance fees as well as staking opportunities to earn passive income & secure the ecosystem.

Mantle Integrates with Pendle

Mantle is a layer 2 blockchain under the management of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) led by ByBit, supported by major investors like Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, Dragonfly Capital & Animoca Brands. Mantle’s goal is to support cryptocurrency builders & its DAO governs its decision-making process using its new native token MNT which also serves as gas for transactions within its network. Mantle recently announced their integration with Pendle – an open financial protocol powered by DeFi solutions for digital asset issuance & trading on Ethereum Mainnet – creating more efficient ways for users to trade crypto assets such as ERC20 tokens easily & quickly without middlemen or high fees involved.

Cronos‘ Exchange Crypto.com Makes Access Easier

With this integration comes access to one of crypto’s top exchanges—Crypto .com—which provides users with easy access to tradable tokens such as those issued via Pendle including EDLG tokens from Everlodge’s presale event. The team behind Everlodge also conducted an audit on their smart contract along with KYC verification demonstrating their commitment to security & transparency; further propelling analysts prediction that EDLG prices could increase up to 280% during the pre-sale period leading up to its day launch where it could experience 30x growth rally due solely to increased demand from buyers!

Presale Participation Aims at Luxury Vacation Prizes

As incentive towards joining in this pre-sale event , participants have been given exclusive chances at winning luxury vacation packages including trips Maldives Islands which offers some of world’s best beaches , resorts , food culture etc ! Additionally , these participants receive discounts on properties & maintenance fees while gaining staking opportunities with potential passive incomes through securing the ecosystem !


All in all , we can see how both Everlodge & Mantle are aiming at providing unique solutions towards bringing RWA closer into cryptocurrency domain through use cases like fractionalized ownership over real estate properties , renting out timeshares through airbnb etc . And with Mantle recently integrating into Pendle alongside Cronos‘ Crypto .com allowing access into tradable tokens – we can expect further developments coming soon !

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