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Beitrag veröffentlicht im Februar 2023

Ethereum Upgrades to More Sustainable PoS Consensus on Testnet

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Ethereum Successfully Completes Shapella Upgrade On Sepolia Testnet • Ethereum (ETH) successfully locked the Shapella upgrade on its Sepolia testnet at epoch 56832. • This upgrade brings a major change…

Bitcoin Price Set to Hit $50k: Here’s the Timeline

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• George Tung’s analysis video discusses Bitcoin’s potential to hit $50,000 by June. • There are three reasons for his argument: angel metrics, institutional adoption, and increasing use case. •…

Bitcoin Price Plummets 2%, What’s Behind the Drop?

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• Bitcoin price has dropped 2 percent today and is trading around $23.4k on Friday. • On-chain data shows Bitcoin miners have reduced their sell pressure after taking profits in…